Collective Awareness to UXO

Together our knowledge saves lives

Ukraine Collective Awareness to Unexploded Ordnance (Ukraine CAT-UXO) Together our knowledge saves lives

This is a new website to help support individuals who are exposed to explosive hazards in Ukraine.

Firstly, to educate and reduce your risk to the explosive hazard.

Secondly, to record the location of the explosive hazard.

Finally, to report the explosive hazard to a suitable clearance authority.

Ukraine CAT-UXO image

Recognise it

Recognise that you have an explosive hazard.

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Mark it

If you are able to, mark the location as dangerous.

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Report it

Take a photo and upload your report.

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Leave it

Leave the location and do not return.

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Here you can report the UXO you have located. Without touching and staying in a safe location try and take a photo. Complete this form, attach your image and submit. Send as many reports and images as you need. Together our knowledge and your report saves lives.

As more anti-personnel (AP) and anti-vehicle (AV) landmines are being reported we have added a link to the CAT-UXO Landmine Awareness Smartphone App. This will allow you to recognise landmines while offline and also report landmines via the app.